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Featuring the songs...

Featuring xylophone Nick Dunn, vibraphone Charles Repine, snare drum Sean Adams and finger cymbal cymbalism

Wedding Dance
Featuring tambourine cymbalism and a dancing battery

Congratulations to the Indoor Drum Line for their 7th place finish at Impact 2000 and the cymbalism for a stupendous ensemble and a first place finish.

The following wind players gave up half their summer
and a lot of their time to join the front ensemble for our indoor show

Elizabeth Dougan, Lisa Hightower, Matt Lamb, Charles Repine, Lyndsey Rhenstrom, Rebel Yurack

The following cymbalists are the BEST IN ATLANTA! Congratulations girls!

Kimberly Alberts, Holly Ashmore, Cassie Lockard, Anna Marks, Nancy McCollough