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SCHS Marching Events

August 9-15, 1997 - (Jacksonville, Alabama)

Everyone's favorite week of camp! SCHS got a lot done this week, dispite the scorching Alabama sun. There were some rough spots, but we recovered and got 4/5 of our show set on the feild, and made vast improvements with music and flagwork. The week ended when our annual Band Olympics was cut in half by a surprise thunderstorm. We all got soaked, but had fun. Thank you to all the volenteers who gave their time to Sandy Creek's band. We really appriciated it!

September 5, 1997 - (Sandy Creek)

In the season opener against Macintosh, the SCHS band really showed the Cheifs who was boss. Football score was 20-14, SCHS.

September 12, 1997 - (Eagle's Landing HS)

Dispite illness and injury, the Patriots put on a good show, as did their hosts. Final score was 41-7, ELHS.

September 23, 1997 -
Coweta-Fayette Marching Exibition (East Coweta High School)

Sandy Creek performed at the Coweta-Fayette Marching Exibition. The Exibition is not a contest, but an oppertunity for bands in our area to see each other perform from a spectator's point of view. The performances are critiqued, but not judged. SCHS performed well, even though the guard had no work set for the closer, and they had lots of good things to say about us. There was even a rumor started that if it had been a compitition, SCHS would have been tied for first place.

September 26, 1997 - (Heritage HS)

Rain out! The feared wet stuff drowned out this game for both bands. Final score was 28-12, HSH.

October 3, 1997 - (Westlake HS)

Goodness, gracious! Were we in over our heads! The High-stepping Westlakers sure got some class. Great job under the circumstances, SCHS. Score was 27-6, WHS.

October 4, 1997 (Homewood Alabama)

Sandy Creek drove three hours to perform in a contest in Homewood Alabama. We were first to perform in class AAA. We did extremely well, and the scores were:

Drum Major - 2
Colorguard - 1
Percussion - 1
Band - 1, 1, 1
Overall Average - 1

(One being the best). The colorguard was second place overall, and our percussion section also won the Best of Class (AAA) trophy, and Best of Gold Division (Class AAA and AAAA). We are very proud of them!

October 10, 1997 - (Sandy Creek HS)

In a great game against Woodward, the SCHS band performed their best performance of the season after Woodward's smaller band. The Patriots didn't live up to their promise to pound the preps, however. Final score was 43-6, Woodward.

October 11, 1997 -
Sandy Creek Invitational Tournament of Bands (SCHS is exhibition)

Sandy Creek hosted the annual SCITOB compitition today. After a long, hard day of working the compitition, we gave it our all, even though it wasn't our best performance, nor did the crowd cheer as loud as we would have wanted them to. As far as I know, the judges, though they can only comment on our performance, spoke very nicely about us. Jacksonville State Marching Southerners were the other exhibition band, and they gave two spectacular performances, one towards the press box, and one towards the bands in the back. Shout out to Joel Schendel for his wonderful trumpet solo. Joel also helped SCHS out with their band camp in August.

October 17, 1997 - (Twelve Oaks Stadium)

Wow! A day off sure gave us Patriots some pep! Dispite on field injuries, both the band and the football team gave award winning performances against Riverdale. Final score was 23-20, RSH.

October 18, 1997 - (Central HS, Carrolton, GA)

Our second contest, unfortunately, did not go as well as our first. We lost both shoes and spirit only to recieve supirior scores.

Drum Major - 1
Colorguard - 1
Percussion - 1
Band - 1, 1, 1

SCHS drum major, colorguard, and band came in third in class AAA. Colorguard came in fourth place overall. Percussion got second place in class AAA. Congrats, Patriots!

October 24, 1997 (Sandy Creek HS)

"Eighth Grade Band Nite" didn't quite go as planned. It was rainy and was called off. The band still porformed, out of uniform (ponchos for band, warm-ups for guard), but were stopped short when Salem High School took too long on the field. Final score: 34-19 SHS.

October 31, 1997 (Henry Co. HS)

What a rainy Halloween!! The Patriots turned right back around when they saw what a mess it was outside! All that for nothing? No! Final score was 14-10 SCHS!!!!

November 1, 1997 (Rockdale Co.)

Our last compitition! Too bad it decided to rain during our performance. The fiel was muddy, the flags went everywhere, but we were still awesome!! Scores were:

Drum Major - 1
Color Guard - 1
Percussion - 1
Band - 1

Go SCHS!! As the seniors stormed the field, SCHS took second place in color guard and band, and first place in percussion and drum major!! This was the Moment!!

November 7, 1997 (Sandy Creek HS)

Homecoming (vs. Stockbridge HS) was the coldest night of the year! The band marched around the track in the parade, and the guard formed the runway for the homecoming court. It was hard standing so still in the frigid temperatures!! Congratulations to all the princesses and to homecoming queen Brandy Gaddy. Final score was 34-20 SHS.