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SCHS Band Facts

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* Sandy Creek, a ten year old high school has already produced over eight championship bands.

* Sandy Creek has hosted a marching compitition, Sandy Creek Invitational Tournament of Bands, annually for eight years.

* Sandy Creek has been invited to perform in London's New Year's perade twice, numerous times in the Atlanta's Egelston Children's Christmas parade (including being the opening act in 1996), and annually in the Tyrone Founder's Day parade. She is the only high school to perform in the Founder's Day parade every year of its excistance.

* SCHS went to NYC in the spring of 1998 to perform at Carnegie Hall.

* SCHS went to Disney World in the spring of 2001 and participated in a workshop on film music.

* There are over 60 Marching Patriots and over 150 total members in the Patriot Band.

* The guard designs all their own flags, and uniforms for the guard and the cymbal line are specially ordered to fit both shows (outdoor and indoor) each year.

* The SCHS Marching Band practices a minimum of 6 hours a week. The drum line practices a minimun of 11 hours a week. Some weeks (like before compititions) some groups can clock 14 hours! Now that's commitment!

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