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A Georgia "School of Excellence"

Official Page

Dr. Charles Warr, Principal

Located in Tyrone, Georgia, a growing twon located 20 miles southwest of Atlanta, Sandy Creek High School opened its doors in 1991. From an initial enrollment of 350 in grades 9 and 10 to the current enrollment of 1200 students in grades 9 through 12, Sandy Creek High School has made quite a name for itself in ten short years. The school is a National Reference Site for Apple Computers, putting Sandy Creek High School in the forefront in the area of educational technology. Each classroom teacher has a workstation for the classroom with an Apple LCII computer and monitor. The entire school is networked with various software programs for attendence, grades, eletronic mail, and disipline. Each teacher has quick access to these programs from the workstation in the classroom. The internet is also accessed quickly via cable modem Sandy Creek High School has a total of 9 computer labs, including a state of the art technology computer lab, and a foreign language computer lab. A music technology lab, a mathematics lab (already in use), and two mobile "Powerbook" labs. Success in both academic and extra-ciricular activities, along with a faculty which is in constant demand as lecturers and clinicians in their respective area, has indeed put Sandy Creek High School on the cutting edge of all areas. A proposed auditorium will further the growth and development of the school into the community.

Sandy Creek High School is fortunate to have administrators, both at the local school level and central office level, who give their support to all areas of our cirriculum. Without their support and the support of the Sandy Creek High School faculty, our band parents, and our community, the Sandy Creek High School band program could not be a success.